JUN XING-m021 Compound Bow For Beginner Beginners

JUNXING-m021 compound bow for beginner beginners comes with a lot of useful accessories. The JUNXING-m021 bow is easy to pull and the arrow flies pretty straight. If you are a beginner, the JUNXING-m021 compound bow would be a good choice for your first bow.

Introducing JUN XING-m021 Compound Bow

The JUNXING-m021 is one of the most attractive compound bows on the market today. It has been designed with great care to ensure quality and durability. This bow is an excellent choice for all types of archers, whether you are a beginner or an expert. It is designed to be used for both hunting and target practice. If you want a compound bow, you will enjoy these options.

The JUNXING-m021 compound bow comes with a draw weight of 35 lbs, which makes it easy for even novices to use this bow. The draw length can be adjusted from 16” to 30”, which means that it can be used by almost anyone who is above 5 feet tall.

This compound bow has a speed rating of 340 FPS, which makes it suitable for all types of shots. It has a draw length range between 16 inches to 30 inches and weighs 3 pounds when fully assembled. This bow is made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and performance during long hours of use.

The JUN XING-m021 compound bow comes with an ambidextrous design so that it can be used by left-handed and right-handed archers alike without any problems whatsoever

Junxing M021 Compound Bow Main Features

The Junxing M021 compound bow is a great bow for beginners. This compound bow has a draw weight of 30 pounds and a draw length of 26 inches. The bow can be adjusted from 20 to 30 pounds by adding or removing limbs.

The Junxing M021 compound bow features an aluminum riser, which makes it lightweight and stable. The riser also has an aluminum footrest so you can easily adjust the anchor point and make more precise shots. The riser is also reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber, so it’s very durable. This is one of the best compound bows you will ever find.

The Junxing M021 compound bow comes with a built-in stabilizer, which provides greater stability when shooting your arrows at different angles or conditions. This stabilizer reduces vibration when shooting your arrows, allowing you to focus on aiming instead of adjusting your stance or hand position. The stabilizer also helps to reduce noise when shooting your arrows so that other people won’t hear you while hunting or target practicing outdoors.

The Junxing M021 compound bow includes three-pin fiber optic sights that give you an accurate sight picture every time you shoot an arrow downrange at your target or prey animal!

Specification of Junxing M021 Compound Bow

Draw weight: 15-70 lbs

Bow length: 60″, 62″, 64″, 66″

Bow weight: 3.65 lbs

Draw length: 24.5″-31.5″

FAQS about the Junxing M021 Compound Bow

How does the Junxing M021 Compound Bow work?

The Junxing M021 Compound Bow is a powerful bow. It comes with a 70-pound draw weight and a length of 30 inches. The draw length can be adjusted from 26 to 30 inches, which makes it easy for both young and old users to use the bow.

What is the weight of the Junxing M021 Compound Bow?

The weight of this compound bow is 3.5 pounds, which is not too heavy for adults or kids to use it.

How much does the Junxing M021 Compound Bow cost?

This compound bow is very affordable, making it a great choice for beginners who want to learn how to shoot arrows. You can buy one for about $50 on Amazon with free shipping options available if you don’t want to go through any hassle when purchasing this product. These characteristics make the JUN XING m021 compound bow a great choice.

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