Junxing f154 Recurve Bow – Wonderful Performance

The most innovative design of the JUN XING f154 recurve bow is perfectly matched with the best materials, and users can get the perfect performance from it. The long-term use of a traditional Turkish Ottoman-style bow and the excellent Chinese traditional concepts make it more ergonomic and durable. The construction makes the no-mar stabilizer and no-flat stabilizer always keep the balance on the string. In addition, the unique structure of laminated bow limbs will keep longer service life than other materials.

Overview of the Junxing f154 Recurve Bow

The Junxing f154 Recurve Bow is the best bow for beginners. It has all the features that you would expect from a high-quality recurve bow, but it is also affordable enough to be within reach of most people. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners who are looking to get their first bow without spending too much money.

The Junxing f154 Recurve Bow is designed to be as easy to use as possible so that even inexperienced users can get the most out of their experience with archery. The draw length can be adjusted between 20 and 30 inches, which makes this bow suitable for all users regardless of their height or physical condition. If you’re looking for your first recurve bow, JUN XING is a good brand to get into bows because they’re durable, reliable, and high quality.

A unique feature of this bow is its adjustable arrow rest, which allows you to adjust the distance between your arrow and the string depending on how far back you pull the string when drawing your bow. This allows you to draw more smoothly and accurately than with other bows where this adjustment would not be possible.

Features of Junxing f154 Recurve Bow

The Junxing F154 Recurve Bow has a draw weight range of 20 to 60 pounds, which means that it can be used by both adults and children. It is designed with a traditional bow design, so it is perfect for beginners who are new to archery. This bow has an ambidextrous design, which makes it easier to use. It also has a riser made from composite wood material, which helps reduce the weight of the bow overall. To learn more, please click here!

The Junxing F154 Recurve Bow has a length of 57 inches and a width of 1 inch. It weighs 2 pounds when not cocked, but it does weigh 3 pounds when cocked. This bow features adjustable sights that allow you to adjust them according to your preference or needs. The draw length can be adjusted between 26 inches and 30 inches, which means that you have plenty of options when it comes to customizing this bow and making sure that it fits your style perfectly. It is a good choice if you want to buy a recurve bow at a low price.

The handle on this bow is made from laminated wood material, which makes it easy to hold onto while shooting arrows at your target. The string on this bow is made from dacron material, which is strong enough

Specifications about Junxing f154 Recurve Bow

  1. Bow Type: Recurve

2. Draw Weight: 20lbs – 60lbs

3. Draw Length: 28″ – 30″

4. Arrow Material: Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloy or Fiberglass Arrows

5. Arrow Shaft Diameter (Inch): 0.245″ – 0.270″ (6.22mm – 6.86mm)

FAQS about the JUN XING f154 recurve bow

Q: What is the weight of the JUN XING f154 recurve bow?

A: The weight of this bow is about 1.5 pounds.

Q: How long is the draw length of this bow?

A: The draw length of this bow is 27″.

Q: Is this a left-handed or right-handed recurve bow?

A: It is a right-handed recurve bow.

Q: Is it legal to hunt with this bow in my state/country?

A: Please check your local laws before using any kind of archery equipment.

JUN XING f154 recurve bow

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